A tribute to my DAD

I lost My Father on 22 oct 2006,
It was too soon for us to lose him, But he will be always remembered as a great father and husband. His friends used to vouch with his friendship. A great leader, who lived like a king and died like one too. this for u dad

Even though, I know your in a much better place,
My heart is broken, and full of empty space.
I wish that I could have told you, one last time,
How much I loved you, you are always on my mind.
I miss your love, guidance, and strength,
Now, I know, just how much your love meant.
I have alot of memories, that I can replay,
I only wish, you hadn't gone away.
Dad, we love you, even though you are gone,
You gave us strength, and we must all carry on.
There will be days of sadness, and days of joy,
We love and miss you, all day long,
Our love for you, will always be strong.
You will always have a place in my heart,
Even though you are gone, we will never be apart.

- by michelle geller

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Kris said...

Amazing snaps there...you dad will be proud..:-)