Baby Pink

I am one happy man, On 18th july me and my wife were gifted with a baby Boy. Life has been hectic after that but still very exciting. Here My first post of my baby , many more to come


Maaya said...

Congratulations Somitra...He is a cutie pie.

Rahul Kumar said...

Somitra, I've been waiting for this photo for the past one week... checking each day to see the little one... what's his name?

you've said, "my baby, many more to come" ;-))

All the best!

Kalyan said...

Many many congrats, Somitra and praying and wishing all the best to your new-born baby and your family in the future ahead.

somitra said...

Thanks Maaya , Rahul and Kalyan

SB said...

This is an angel and i am sure this is the best thing that can happen to anyone in his/her be a parent.

Jitesh Kumar said...

Many More to Come !

Holy Cow !
All the best Pranjalee ;P

I am waiting so eagerly to meet him.. and to meet many more (to come)