The Remover of Obstacle

Today was the day of Ganesh Visarjan ( The ritual of Ganesh Idol Immersion in water). This marks the end of 10 day long festivities associated with this beloved GOD. ( How was he born? , just read on.......)

Ganesh is GOD of intelligence and good omen. As per hindu tradition he is the first god to be prayed. He is the GOD who brings in good destiny. Above all he is GOD of wise thinking. He instills intelligence which can only do good.

I not a spiritual person,but to me Ganesha is the Placebo (dont get me wrong), By placebo I mean that just the thought of him makes me smile. I dont know whether he is there or not is he real or not . But just thinking of him makes my day.

He is never angry nor are there any mythology of him being ever angry, he is neutral and loving.

According to mythology, Parvati (wife of omnipresent Shankar- the destroyer) wanted to spend some time alone to meditate and didnt want anybody to disturb her. To keep guard she sculpted a boy out of earth instilled life in him as mother does to child and named him Ganesh ( Lord of GANA's , follower's of Shankar). She told him to keep guard and not let anyone in.
Sometime later the almighty Shankar sent some of the Gana's to beckon Parvati as he was not able to connect to her ( She being in meditation). Ganesha didnt allow any of the gana's to pass the gate as instructed, and thus insued a long battle between all of Shankars followers on one side and Ganesh on other. As Shankars follower started losing to the boy, Shankar had to step in , even almighty Shankar had a tough time with Ganesha. ( Shankar was unaware who the boy was ) finally Vishnu (the operator, the one who manages our world ) stepped in and together they cut of Ganesha's Head.

This broke Parvati's meditation and in fit of rage she unleashed all the Shakti's (the Female energy), thus disturbing the balance. There was Chaos everywhere. No GOD dared to stand before her. Vishnu and Shankar knew that none other than Ganesha can stop them. They approached Brahma ( the creator) to find a solution. Brahma then fused the head of elephant to Ganesha's body to revive him. After seeing her child revived Parvati was placated and thus was born Ganesha in his current form.


Hitesh Sawlani said...

Thanks for the story!

I had always heard a very shortened version

Vinni said...

I remember my grand dad telling me the story. reminded me of him.. i never forget this story!

Anonymous said...

WoW...some really beautifully captured & composed shots. I loved all four of them & it was wonderful reading your description too...lovely!

navin said...

Great shots

Veerasundar said...

I like the sequence of four different pictures. Cool.. :-)