Carbon Footprint


Do you know your Carbon footprint? If not this site will help you.

Two months back I got myself a Bicycle, I wanted to get in Shape and also wanted to reduce my carbon footprint. ( My wife being very skeptical as with all my exercise equipment this too will gather dust in my collection).But I was determined and got the Bike. It has pretty good specs full suspension, disc brakes, 18 shimano gears and what not.

So when I started two months back 20 Kilometers on each day to my office and back seemed very daunting and it was .First 10 days were painful and it wasnt easy to handle my kid after coming from office. But as they say it requires 42 days to build a habit and so it was. Now I dont want to miss cycling to my office any day.

Not only have i recovered the cost of cycle but now I dont feel guilty having that extra portion of Icecream


Rahul said...

Way to go, Somitra... first time the comment is more for you and your resolution than for the snap. Cheers!!!

dmg5um said...

Too much ... I am encouraged to pick a bicyle now. The photo is also quite cool. What look/processing is this? What steps are done to get this?