Miniature Holland

This is replica of Holland village in Lego bricks. What I have done is a model of a model.The technique made possible by a tilt shift lens give some amazing perspective to real life images. Although I should have applied this technique to a real life image, i used for a model of holland in Legoland windsor.

You can change any of your photos to model by using this online tool
If you want to get inspired then check out this video, made using a tilt shift lens

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Rahul said...

Wow.. nice effect.. and so bright and colorful

dmg5um said...

Can you post the one without the effect? Presently my eyes wander at three points - where there the pic is sharp (focus) - and am not able to relate them.
I think if you could focus the wind-mills ... the pattern will catch your eye.

somitra said...

Thanks Rahul

somitra said...

Point taken on last photo,I had to crop image so to reduce as much human element as much possible. Also used the tiltshift guise to hide some human element in background